Here are the good things about a corporate step challenge

April 4, 2022

It is not a secret that office goers live a sedentary lifestyle leading to several health complications later in life. Obesity, depression, and cardiovascular diseases are a few ailments to name. Sitting for long periods has disruptive effects on the whole body, impacting almost all organs and body parts. As per some research published in the prestigious American Journal of Epidemiology, one can reduce the risks of these ailments by 17% if they replace 30 minutes of their sitting with some moderate exercise. It is why companies these days introduce the corporate step challenge.

Why focus on the corporate step challenge?

Apart from being beneficial for the employees, it also has some hidden benefits for the organization. One of the top ones is that healthy employees seldom call in sick. It means more work being done in the office. Further, introducing such challenges to urge employees to take care of their health makes them feel valued. It boosts their productivity and motivation to work.

Ways to encourage employees to take part

Apart from the step challenges taking place once or twice a year, organizations can opt for these ways to promote walking in the office.

  1. Managers can encourage their teams to use the step counting apps and promote healthy competition among the members.
  2. The higher-ups can also encourage employees to walk more by taking walking meetings more often.
  3. Promoting the staircase through compelling posters and other nudges is also great.
  4. Managers can also talk about the nearby parks or walking trails and encourage their team to visit there when feeling stuck with work.

So, these tips and corporate step challenge enable businesses to urge their employees to walk more and look after themselves.