Watch SaradagaKasepu Movie for free on Aha

Watch SaradagaKasepu Movie for free on Aha

November 12, 2020

Saradagakasepu is a south indiantelugu film written by SankaramanchiPadala and directed by Vamsy. It was released in the year 2010. This is a comedy film that you can find on watch free movies online. It is an entertaining combo mix of Srinivas Avasarala and AllariNaresh who played key roles in the film. This is a remake of a malayalam movie which was released in 1986. You can watch SaradagaKasepu movie for free on aha.

Cast and Crew:

Actor: AllariNaresh

Actress: Madhurima

Other actors: Srinivas Avasarala,Ahuti Prasad

Director: Vamsy

Distributed by: Sri Keerthi Creations

Producer: M. L. Padma Kumar Chowdary

Music: Chakri

Cinematography: Loki

Editing: BasvaPaidireddy

Story By: Sankaramanchi

Dialogues: PadalaSivasubramanyam

Other information:

Runtime:  2h 5min

Release date: 17 September 2010

Genre: Comedy, Drama


The story begins with rangababu, a poor young man who is waiting to start a better life with financial stability, works as a driver for a rich family Jeeva and sana for time. He is close to that family as he is childhood best friend is their son Srinivas. Srinivas flies to the US for his further studies in childhood and returns as his parents decide to get him married. He is well settled in life, so even he wants to get married but he wants to test the girl before deciding. So he sets up a plan to know her as changing their characters. As the girl lives in another city, rangababu as a driver, should take Srinivas to that city. Srinivas’s plan is to introduce himself as a driver and rangababu as the one whom she thinks is the one to marry. As they start the journey to another city, some of the misunderstandings arise and what happens from them is the story that goes on. 

Technical Asset:

  • The soothing music of SaradagaKasepu just marks in the mind and soul. It lifts up the movie with unique and lifeful music. lyrics, background score and songs will give the deeper meaning of the movie.
  • Artist performance will always make or break the feel of the movie, they played their role immensely perfectly.
  • The story of the movie is not so fresh but then the storyline has managed to somehow give a good peaceful village vibe. The twist in the movie was to know the right bride’s groom in the movie.
  • Locations in the movie are very great and adorable.

Artist Performance:

  • Allarinaresh, just like his name, the whole movie will make you laugh in spontaneous jokes and comedy.
  • Srinivas Avasarala is a great actor and in this movie he has played by being part of the comedy situations.
  • Madhurima is cute and innocent as she depicts in the film.

It is one of the best comedy films with a multi-starrer that will definitely entertain you to the core.And you can find and watch free movies online.