The Method to Get Into Real Estate Astrology

November 28, 2020

Astrology is a method of divination that uses historical understanding of the heavens to let you know about yourself and all facets of your life. It is much more than the sun sign horoscopes we see in the newspapers, to answer a frequent question. Lots of folks wonder how the planets and stars can tell us about ourselves and life in the world. To understand how this is so, it can be useful to ponder on some simple metaphysical laws, or principles of how the universe functions.

The law of Interconnectedness is quite important. All things are connected, and space and time are illusions. Some people may experience direct telepathic contact from someone on the opposite side of Earth, even down to if that individual has a stomach-ache or not. This proves that space is immaterial when two individuals are connected. Likewise, the celestial bodies orbiting the earth and the stars over them are not so far away. They are a part of our body. Human beings exist within the electromagnetic field of the planet, and it might be said that we are not independent from the earth. The earth is a planet; also it is stated that all planets are linked, so the link between us and other planets does not seem so bizarre. At once we were all formed from the same material, and possibly our consciousness is not as different as we think.

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Among the most Significant esoteric teachings is the principle: As it is above, so it is below. Since it is below, so it is above. The microcosm can give us information about the macrocosm, as exemplified in the laws of quantum physics that can be applied to real estate astrology. When you see a particle, the light bounces off it and strikes your eyes. Your very monitoring changes it. In our own lives, the act of perceiving something means we are a participant, not only a passive observer. We are all affecting each other all the time. We can look at family dynamics, and we can get those very same dynamics operating in a little village. All life is there. Apply those principles to nations and authorities, and you will see the identical dramas playing out themselves. As the heavens dance over us, so we dancing on the planet, in harmony and battle with the energy of all that is, because we have got free will. Mundane astrologers have the ability to give predictions of world events, because they have learned to interpret the patterns of the heavens and how they will impact life on a massive scale.

When we are born, at the moment we take our first breath, the map of the skies in that specific time and place forms a gorgeous mandala, or circular layout. Half of this circle is beneath the horizon, half is over. We can see in the position of the sun whether it is daytime or night-time. We can see in the position of the moon what stage it is in. We can see what planets are rising in the east, and which are setting from the west. All these things give us information that could be interpreted.