main door

Walk-In Through The Main Door Of Hearts

January 14, 2022

The main dooris through which our guests and everyone not trying to sneak into the house gets in.


The main door of a house is the one that gives a basic look to the house. It gives passersby or guests a feel of what the house’s insides feel like. The main door is the main entrance and the main attraction of a house. It attracts guests and wards away pesters.

While there are many doors, none are as important as the entrance.


There are many designs available to man and created by man. While some natural replacements, most people go for the manufactured product.

There are wood carving doors, marble lookalikes, tin-plated, gold-plated, and diamond-studded luxury specimens.

While the most popular materials for doors are wood because of its after-the-polished look and the carvings that come along, there are many other materials to be used. If polished and maintained front doors are a sight to see and can be gazed at for days at once.


Many accessories can be added to the main doors to increase the look. Statues, small minarets, or models can be added. While this method ages traditionally, the front door accessories and placed according to religions. While certain religions would like the lookalikes of gods and goddesses to be placed beside doors, some regional preferences would be statues of sacred animals. Some people would even like to go for statues of men and women standing in a welcoming stance.